Overwhelmed by the climate crisis and looking for ways you can take positive actions? Resolve in 2020 to take small steps to live more sustainably.
Declutter. Restore. Refresh. 
  • Live in an older home or apartment? You’re already a climate hero for maintaining this precious resource that has valuable embodied energy.
  • Dwell comfortably within your footprint by decluttering your space. Keep items out of the landfill by passing on still-useful tools, building supplies, furniture, etc. to Significant Elements for resale. See the list of items that the store accepts.
  • Do research on historic architecture and elements to learn how you can restore old windows and doors, refinish existing floors, and maintain exterior trim and siding to keep what you have looking good and functioning well in a period-appropriate manner.
  • Instead of buying new, refresh hardware, fixtures, and furniture by replacing broken items with salvaged ones from Significant Elements. You’ll be preserving resources, adding vintage charm, saving money, and supporting historic preservation efforts in Tompkins County in the process.
Got more ideas for living sustainably? Send them along to pat@historicithaca.org or comment on the Resolution 2020 series on Facebook or Twitter.
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