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Repair Services

Do you have wobbly chairs, stuck drawers or chairs in need of new cane seats? Stop in or call to get more information about our furniture repair services.

Participants in our Work Preserve job training program work side-by-side with our Traditional Skills Educator to bring new life to your broken or damaged furniture.

Repairs start at $45 per hour to glue, tighten or replace parts. Seat weaving services include: cane (hand woven and cane webbing), fiber rush, pre-twisted rush, splint, porch weave and shaker tape. Stop in to see our work and bring your piece in for an estimate!

All listed rates are estimates; items must be seen on site to receive an estimate. 8% sales tax added to all repair services.

General Repairs: $45 per hour (e.g. glue/tighten a chair is typically 1 -2 hours) or as quoted

Lamp Repair: $25 minimum

Seat Weaving 
Cane seats (hand woven): $2.50 -$3 per hole; bring in or send picture & measurements for estimate
Blind/French cane: bring in or send picture & measurements for estimate
Danish Cord: $175 minimum
Cane webbing seats & backs: $95 minimum
Fiber rush seats: $125 minimum
Pre-twisted natural rush: $175 minimum
Shaker tape seats: $6 per widest inch + materials
Splint or porch weave seats: $175 minimum
Seat staining (cane): $15 per seat
Decorative fiber seat boards: $75 minimum

Some seat weaving materials are special order and require additional shipping costs.

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