Vintage items were made to last decades and be repairable - we’ll help you extend their life. Significant Elements offers a range of repair services for lighting to promote sustainability in our community.


Contact us at 607-277-3450 or by email to schedule an appointment to drop off your item for repair.  All repairs are done in-house at Significant Elements. Due to COVID, we are not offering off-site repairs.  

From a new socket in a table lamp to a customized vintage light fixture, we offer a range of repair services.

Some of the most common repairs are replacing sockets and plugs, rewiring table lamps and floor lamps, rewiring chandeliers and ceiling fixtures, finish restoration, and decorative finishes. 


We repair both antique and modern lamps, though we specialize in older items because many recent lamps are not made to be repaired. 


$25 minimum charge for all lamp repairs

Hourly repair rate is $45


All listed rates are approximate; items must be seen on site to receive an estimate.
Materials additional: many repair parts and materials are special order, plus shipping fees. 

8% sales tax added to all repair services.